Al Rawiya

Aline & Beatrice

Aline: “I contacted Bea to express my feelings about her writings, and then she told me it was a song, which was even better. And that’s how the story of our collaboration came to be. It was such a coincidence, but then again, I don’t believe in coincidences. This was meant to happen.”


Beatrice: “I just recorded lyem Fadyeh on a WhatsApp voice note and sent it to Aline, just like that. As the project evolved, we both thought, okay, we’re not going to re record lyem Fadyeh. We’re going to keep it as it is, with all of its rawness and imperfections. That’s what makes it genuine. We felt that it being heartfelt was much more important than it being a perfect production. A collaboration like this doesn’t happen often, but it should: collaborations between individuals who are different in many aspects, but who are searching for the same thing. For comfort, for home, for a meaning across country lines.