The Lebanese populous areas continue to bear the brunt of all the challenges the country faces. The Bourj Hammoud area is a prime example that …

Lebanese citizens are facing a movement of adaptation as a result of depletion of resources. A force of resiliency and creativity is being born within …

Note from the team: In a society where sex and pleasure are taboo, many things are left unsaid. In this column, Sin Dee describes what …

“…it’s as if we live somewhere far away from Lebanon,” cried one of the residents of Karantina as he lamented about the lack of attention …



Ziad Abi Chaker

APRIL CENTRONEPioneering Sustainable Solutions: The Story of an Environmental Engineer in Lebanon As an environmental and industrial engineer (@ziad_abichaker), my passion for waste management and


The Cash Crunch: An Expats’ Liquidity Handbook

Remittances into Lebanon  Bank-Only Transfers Local Lebanese “fresh fund” accounts give holders access to money in three major foreign currencies. Those are US Dollars, Euros


The Roadmap to an Independent Judiciary

The October 17 revolution sparked an awakening in the judicial landscape. After an initial indifference towards the judiciary, there was a common perception during the

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