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Igniting The Potential of The Lebanese Diaspora

Why Al Rawiya?

Al Rawiya is the first magazine of its kind, a digital publication for the Lebanese diaspora, and a cornerstone of a global community of reformists.

The Lebanese diaspora has long been an intriguing facet of our society to locals and foreign onlookers alike. Estimated to be anywhere between 4 and 14 million living abroad, expatriates have often struggled to find their place within Lebanon’s unique community.

The diaspora’s remittances have been a lifeline to an increasingly feeble economy, yet we remain under-represented in Lebanese politics. Our romanticized caricature of the homeland has established an addictive reputation of pristine snow-capped mountains, sunswept beaches, and world-class clubs all of which can be visited in a single day. Our choices, however, tell a different story.

After decades of conflict, cruel negligence, and continuous disappointments from political and social leadership, our visits to Lebanon have become shorter and less frequent. In reality, we come back to vacation, not to live, nor to invest in our environment. Young people in Lebanon who seek a bright future can hardly think of finding one there, and their defections grow by the day.

October 17, 2019, was not the first time the Lebanese people spoke up with fervor and determination against the sectarian system that has divided, humiliated, and stolen from us. It did, however, thoroughly shake up Lebanese politics and society, even as aspirations of revolutionary reform are yet to bear fruit today. Lebanon will not be rebuilt overnight, yet we have felt our power shift society in meaningful ways that, over time, will pave the way for a new identity for our beloved nation and culture.

In Arabic, Al Rawiya is both a storyteller and a thirst-quencher. To us, they are one and the same. For decades we have sought new ways to tell the story of Lebanon’s progressive renaissance, an ongoing struggle to establish governmental accountability once and for all. We created this platform to articulate our desire for sustainable change. The diaspora has a role to play in the next chapter of Lebanon’s future, and it starts with giving our fellow expatriates a medium to discuss what that future should look like.

Founded by members from both Meghterbin Mejtemiin and the National Bloc Middle East, this project brings together a talented pool of experts, academics, and activists offering bold ideas and analysis to tie together a diverse global community. Our weekly releases will host thoughtfully produced long-form content to encourage active discussion about a Lebanon we strive to build.

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