Al Rawiya, الرَّاويَة which means both the storyteller and thirst-quencher in Arabic, is a digital platform that fosters connections between the Levant’s diverse communities.


Looking at Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine through different lenses, our platform highlights a wide range of viewpoints and topics that encompass the political, cultural, economic, social, and human rights aspect of the region, using a variety of easily accessible media forms. 


After being inspired by the series of protests across Lebanon in October 2019, several Lebanese expats scattered around the world came together, feeling the need for something that closes the gap between Lebanon’s diaspora and its residents back home. As such, Al Rawiya was born. At the time, it was created by a group of volunteers as a magazine that connected Lebanon’s communities in the diaspora to communities in the homeland, producing content on topics such as social issues, art, culture, politics, economics, environment and more. 


As the magazine and its readership grew all over the world, the team realized that Al Rawiya had the potential to spread its wings beyond Lebanon, so we decided to take on a bigger challenge: Why not expand and connect the Levant’s diverse communities, scattered across Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and the entire world?  


Today, we proudly create content related to the Levant, producing analytical articles, stories, podcasts, and more, celebrating the region’s cultural diversity and its shared history, while shedding light on its differences and social, economic, and political realities. 


Al Rawiya is run by a fully remote, volunteer team of Lebanese expats & diaspora. Based in five countries across the world, we share a passion for our homeland, its stories, and the just and free future we believe we all deserve. Meet the team below.