Al Rawiya الراوية, the storyteller, is a digital magazine that fosters connections between Lebanon’s diverse communities.


We aim to honor our differences by highlighting a wide range of viewpoints and topics using a variety of easily accessible media forms. Read, watch, or listen to compelling ideas, analyses, and stories from Lebanon and its diaspora.


The magazine covers a range of topics that encompass the political, economic, social, cultural, and human rights aspects of the country embodied by its various communities both within and beyond its borders.

September 2020
The conception of a digital magazine as a volunteer project by members of the National Bloc Middle East and Meghterbin Mejtemiin.
February 2021
The release of Al Rawiya's first issue The Rise
June 2022
Al Rawiya becomes registered as Al Rawiya inc. and officially becomes its own separate entity and brand.

In Arabic, Al Rawiya is both a storyteller and thirst-quencher. To us, they are one and the same. For decades we have sought new ways to tell the story of Lebanon’s progressive renaissance, an ongoing struggle to establish governmental accountability once and for all. As Lebanese living abroad, we created this platform as a means to articulate our desire for sustainable change.


Al Rawiya is run by a fully remote, volunteer team of Lebanese expats & diaspora. Based in ten countries across the world, we share a passion for our homeland, its stories, and the just and free future we believe we all deserve. Meet the team below.