Immerse yourself in these powerful melodies that uplift your spirit, stir your soul , and remind you of the enduring quest for freedom that binds us on an individual and collective level.


We all need somewhere we can go to get lost in our imagination, thoughts and ourselves. Listen when you’re feeling a sense of daze and longing to escape and let the music take you on an adventure.

RAIDA | رائدة

Art by @dear.nostalgia | Reconciling the inseparability of the cultural & the political as we navigate our latest identity crisis. Listen when you’re feeling that conflicting whirlwind of agony and adorationthat comes with having known our Lebanon, & join us in celebrating & reclaiming the political.


Art by @dear.nostalgia | Our nostalgic indulgence to spirit us away in an alternative universe of daydreams & what-ifs. Listen when missing sahrat bil day3a, cover nights at bars, or the smell of morning coffee on a balcony overlooking a view you can still see every time you close your eyes.