Beyond Dams: Turning to Alternative Solutions for Water in Lebanon

Author’s Note: For a country the size of Lebanon, hosting a wide diversity of ecosystems and spectacular landscapes is equally unique and precious. The countries’ environment, however, has been subject to a longstanding onslaught enabled by a laissez-faire economic system. This commodification of natural resources is further exacerbated by a sectarian political system turning land […]

The Cash Crunch: An Expats’ Liquidity Handbook

Remittances into Lebanon  Bank-Only Transfers Local Lebanese “fresh fund” accounts give holders access to money in three major foreign currencies. Those are US Dollars, Euros and British Pounds, depending on currency availability. Foreign Exchange (FX) account holders can withdraw USD in cash fairly easily through select ATMs or ITMs across Lebanon. “FX” account holders can […]

Lockdown Lifestyle: Staying Connected in the Homeland

Set up your workspace: Designate an area at home where you can get tasks done with minimal distractions, preferably with access to sunlight. This will help you establish a work routine. Internet connection: Ensure you have the right service for your internet access needs. A VPN subscription could also improve your workflow, providing perks like […]

Inconsistent Lockdown Policies Thrust Lebanon Deeper into COVID Crisis

Domestic Virus Updates   The world is one year removed from the start of a pandemic that has thus far defined this decade. After a month-long nationwide lockdown, Lebanese authorities began to ease restrictions on February 8th as part of a four-phase plan to reopen the country. The approach is intended to maintain and build […]

Fann w Fenjen: Ivan Debs

Foreword:   Art in all its forms offers an exploration of what defines our existence and colors our world, and at times, an escape from what makes it painful. With this section, we hope to shed more light on its significance and use our platform to showcase some amazing Lebanese artists both in Lebanon and […]

Lebanon’s Parliament During a Year of Collapses and Crises: Lack of Vision, Populism, Inertia, and Buying Time for a Crumbling House of Cards

Legislative Lethargy and Low Productivity The Parliament held 8 sessions during the period between October 17th, 2019 and the end of 2020. The four legislative sessions included 172 different topics1. Urgent and repeated proposed laws represented 86% of the proposals on the Parliament’s agenda, i.e. the proposals that directly reach the General Assembly, without being […]

Judge’s Dismissal Casts Further Doubt on Port Investigation Legitimacy

Six months have passed since one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions in the modern era ravaged our beloved Beirut. As today’s Lebanon continues to combat health, economic and social crises, receiving closure where we can would be more welcome than ever.     Six months have passed, and we would like nothing better than to […]

Levantine Strolls: A Fresh Take on Lebanon’s Finest

Editor’s note: Just in case it doesn’t go without saying, the Al Rawiya team urges all of our readers to stay home as the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic. In the better days ahead of us, we hope this series of articles can be a guide for any and all who want to experience Lebanon […]