Dear Nostalgia: Adra Kandil’s Visual Letters to a Place That Never Was

Embodying a hybrid world of alternate realities, Lebanese visual artist, Adra Kandil (aka “Dear Nostalgia” online), uses photography, collages, typography, and digital montages to blend modern-day truths with the romanticism of collective nostalgia. As a post-war child with a desire to experience Lebanon’s ”Golden Age”, the multi-disciplinarian draws on personal storylines and relevant cultural references to blur […]

A Window to the Alternatives

Question Regarding the Tripoli Clashes  Events in Tripoli have been, are, and will remain heated if no action is taken. In 2021, at least one Lebanese person died, 400 Lebanese were injured, 39 Lebanese were illegally and unlawfully arrested, and four of them are still missing because of protesting for their own basic rights. To […]

Fann w Fenjen: Ivan Debs

Fann w Fenjen = Art and Coffee 😉 Can you introduce yourself?  My name is Ivan Debs, I’m 28 years old, I’m an independent illustrator/artist and I’ve been working in the art field and in everything around it – animation, political drawings, newspaper, books and the music industry for about seven years. I was born […]