Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Lebanon: Denying the Basic Right of Nationality

The inability of Lebanese women to confer their nationality to their spouses and children not only denies them their basic human rights, but also deprives their families, who are subsequently left without citizenship rights. These include the right to education, healthcare, property, and employment, often leading to psychological consequences and a possible dismantling of the family unit.

Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Lebanon: An Introduction

Feature photo credits: Hundreds of women and men march together to mark International Women’s Day, in Beirut, March 8, 2020. Cynthia Maria Aramouni Credits: The viral screengrab of “Kick Queen” Malak Alawiye striking the armed bodyguard of former Education Minister Akram Chehayeb during the first few days following the anti-government protests that erupted on October […]