Safe Summer Travel to Lebanon and Beyond

With summer in full swing and COVID-19 vaccinations being administered around the world, many are returning to their summer travel routines. In Lebanon, the epidemiological situation is overwhelmingly positive, with instances of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continuing to dwindle. While the virus is far from contained, metrics suggest it is circulating at lower levels and […]

Engage, Embrace, Empathize: Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy in Lebanon

In between conversations of failing economies and flailing politicians, the COVID-19 crisis continues to be one of the most critical threats to the welfare of the Lebanese people. While persistently high infection rates and inconsistent lockdowns are unprecedented, the topic of vaccination seems to highlight familiar systemic inequalities of which many remain wary. Experts believe […]

Inconsistent Lockdown Policies Thrust Lebanon Deeper into COVID Crisis

Editor’s Note: Writing a COVID-19 article about Lebanon is one task, keeping it up-to-date in 2021 is quite different. As local policies change erratically, and the scope of the crisis continues to escalate, we aimed to establish a balance between relevance and key developments from the last few months. We hope this piece keeps our […]