Al Rawiya

Beatrice Moukhaiber

I’m a multidisciplinary artist who lives in Montreal, I’ve been away from Lebanon for ten years. I work in the cinema industry in production, films and series, and other things, and I also have a big passion for music. The themes I tackle whether in movies or music are usually very human-based, things like social justice, humanity, origins, identities, souvenirs and memories.

A few years after I left, I began to truly grasp what life away from home was, and I went through an identity crisis that saw me questioning who I was and who I wanted to be. I needed an outlet in which I could express myself, and the only way I
could truly do this was by writing a few songs and trying to hum them.

I ended up collaborating with a few people and recorded them a few years ago. Ten years later, and I still feel the same feeling I felt when I left. There’s a void, there’s an emptiness I can’t fill, and lyem Fadyeh, my song, is actually about all these days where I was trying to express my feelings, something that took me back to my roots, something that makes me feel at home. And I’m still trying to search for this feeling of home again, like many immigrants and people in the diaspora.