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Al Rawiya Discussions: Panel Event With The Team Behind The Movie “Death of a Virgin, and The Sin of Not Living”

Al Rawiya’s first panel, to kick-start a series of events under “Al Rawiya Discussions” with the movie writer and director George Peter Barbari and the producers from “Bee On Set Producers” Reine Semaan, and Christelle Younes, as they relay to us how their movie “Death of a Virgin, and The Sin of Not Living” came to be: The thought process behind writing a movie that’s so daring, the hardship of producing an independent movie in Lebanon at this time, and the corruption the industry hides.

Movie Synopsis: “A group of friends pool their money to pay for their first time having sex. During their journey to see a sex worker, their boastful teenage conversations slowly turn into sensitive intimate monologues.”

 You can watch the movie, if you haven’t yet, on the following platforms:



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