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The intertwined crises that continue to wreak havoc on our home and our loved ones weigh heavily on us, and the zest and red-hot energy that supercharged the days following our beloved October 17 feel farther away by the day. However, one thing is crystal clear: the only way through this is together. Choosing to set aside differences and work together is the only way forward at every level. What it also means is that we must recognize that every single community be they majority or minority ones like the LGBTQIA2S+, domestic workers, and refugees are all inextricable from the rich fabric of our society; their wellbeing is our wellbeing. We invite you to join us as we come together as a global community of displaced Lebanese and examine every idea we can to push us forward through the unprecedented uncertainty we face. After all, we’re all intertwined in one way or another…/because ultimately, the fate of every Lebanese and their way of life are intertwined.


As daily life in the homeland deteriorates beyond recognition, we all feel nostalgia for a bygone Lebanon that never really existed. The romanticized dream of what our society once was, however, pales in comparison to the Lebanon we have the potential to build. Join us in flipping the script on those who would rather we stayed silent. Sometimes the darkest times illuminate the brightest ideas.


In the first issue of the first ever digital magazine for the Lebanese diaspora, we introduce a wide range of initial topics that captivated us during this tumultuous time – from activism through art to parliament’s staggering inaction to working from home in Beirut during a pandemic.

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