Rasha Hamade: Two Years With Grief

“Since August 4th, 2020, 6:07 pm, no survivor of the Beirut blastperceives life the same way they did before. I find it therapeutic to create and live this continuous grief next to others who share similar yet contrasting experiences. I gathered the experiences of survivors living in Lebanon or part of the diaspora and channeled […]

Fann w Fenjen: Yasmine Darwiche

Foreword    Yasmine Darwiche is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Beirut.  We came to appreciate Yasmine’s illustrations during the early days of the Lebanese Revolution in 2019 and have since fallen in love with her visual illustrative style. Her Arabian style is, to use her own words, “a way to document and […]

Preserving Beirut Through Dia Mrad’s Lens

Credits: “6AM Splurge” from “The Silos Series” (2021) Photo courtesy of Dia Mrad A qualified architect but photographer by profession, Dia Mrad has taken on a career animating Beirut’s old buildings. Using photography as a medium, Dia narrates an often overlooked aspect of Lebanon’s history through his photography, immortalizing Beirut’s heritage and putting its rich […]

Can Lebanon’s Winds of Change Extend to Prison Reform?: A Discussion with “Second Wind” Directors Nessim Stevenson and Tariq Keblaoui

Foreword: In a fabric of collapsing infrastructures, the daily challenges endured by former prison inmates in Lebanon often go untold. Many inmates charged with nonviolent crimes are indiscriminately housed in overcrowded prisons across the country for durations that far exceed their sentences due to significant delays to the tribunal process. Even after their release, former […]

Al Rawiya Discussions: Panel Event With The Team Behind The Movie “Death of a Virgin, and The Sin of Not Living”

https://al-rawiya.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/DOAV-Panel-wSubtitles.mp4 Al Rawiya’s first panel, to kick-start a series of events under “Al Rawiya Discussions” with the movie writer and director George Peter Barbari and the producers from “Bee On Set Producers” Reine Semaan, and Christelle Younes, as they relay to us how their movie “Death of a Virgin, and The Sin of Not Living” […]

The Stigma, the Struggles, the Shame: An Interview with Nour Abou Fayad

Editor’s note: Your mental health is important; do not ignore it. We urge you to seek help or talk to someone. If you are suffering from mental health issues or are having suicidal thoughts, please seek assistance immediately and reach out to the national helpline or suicide hotline in your country of residence. Know that […]

The (Up)rising of Political Freedom

As I was walking down the streets in the middle of the crowd on October 17, 2019, I felt extremely proud to be Lebanese. Hearing the protesters’ chants, I experienced a sense of freedom that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. It was as if I was finally part of a real movement […]

The Autumnal Eternal Melody

English Below  أغنية الأزل الخريفي  قصّتي مع فيروز هي قصة طفولةٍ منسيةٍ على ازدحام سيارات الصباح الباكر, حين كنّا نتّجه نحو المدرسة. كنا  نسلك طريق عوكر- أنطلياس يوميًّا، و والدي يقود السيارة مستمعًا إلى الراديو الوطني الذي يبدأ برنامجه بأغاني فيروز الصباحية. لم أكن بوقتها مقدّرةً لنوعية الموسيقى ولا الكلمات و لا الألحان. بالرّغم من […]