Can Lebanon’s Winds of Change Extend to Prison Reform?: A Discussion with “Second Wind” Directors Nessim Stevenson and Tariq Keblaoui

Foreword: In a fabric of collapsing infrastructures, the daily challenges endured by former prison inmates in Lebanon often go untold. Many inmates charged with nonviolent crimes are indiscriminately housed in overcrowded prisons across the country for durations that far exceed their sentences due to significant delays to the tribunal process. Even after their release, former […]

Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Lebanon: Denying the Basic Right of Nationality

The inability of Lebanese women to confer their nationality to their spouses and children not only denies them their basic human rights, but also deprives their families, who are subsequently left without citizenship rights. These include the right to education, healthcare, property, and employment, often leading to psychological consequences and a possible dismantling of the family unit.

Pride Month in Lebanon: Celebrating, Mourning, and Remembering

Author’s note: In honor of June being Pride Month, I (virtually) sat down with Karim Nammour, Lary BS, Sasha Elijah, and Sinine Nakhle to discuss the challenges, issues, and successes faced by the LGBTQ+ community in Lebanon on both an individual and community level. They come from different backgrounds and careers, ranging from legal experts […]

Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Lebanon: An Introduction

Credits: Hundreds of women and men march together to mark International Women’s Day, in Beirut, March 8, 2020. Cynthia Maria Aramouni A Note from the Al Rawiya Human Rights Team:  This article marks the beginning of a new series of articles to be featured in the Human Rights sections of Al Rawiya on women’s rights […]

The Elephant in the Room: Confronting Lebanon’s Relationship with Migrant Workers

Lebanese exploitation of migrant workers amounts to little more than modern day slavery and enables our society to shirk its responsibilities. Author’s note: Growing up in a family that has immigrated teaches you wonderful things about the world from a very young age. I’d like to share a memory from my childhood. When I was a […]

Displaced Syrian Communities in Lebanon : A Crisis Within a Crisis

Author’s note : It goes without saying that Lebanon and all of the people living on its territory are facing the hardest of times. They are at odds with a three- headed monster — the COVID-19 pandemic, the increasing failure of the political class, and a financial crisis which has devalued the Lebanese pound to never-before-seen […]