How Corruption Corroded Healthcare and Electricity in Lebanon

From children and adolescents rummaging through rubbish bins in search of scraps of food or aluminum cans, to elderly people selling minuscule commodities on the streets of Beirut and deprived of any modicum of social protections to live out their twilight years in dignity, Lebanon’s socioeconomic collapse is in full swing. In mid-2020, when the […]

Petroleum Prosperity in Lebanon: a Reachable Reality, or a Distant Myth?

A Chronicle of Lebanon’s Oil and Gas Pursuits There is no denying the profound impact oil has had on humankind. In the Middle East, entire nations have risen to great heights, quite literally fueled by newfound petroleum wealth. While the oil and gas history of the Middle East dates back to the beginning of the […]

A Call for Active Citizen Lobbying in Lebanon’s Electricity Sector

All are aware by now that the October 17th Uprising in Lebanon came about as a civilian response to our country reaching rock bottom on several levels due to mismanagement and corruption. Today, Lebanon ranks fifth in the world in its debt-to-GDP ratio, the main contributor to which is the ailing electricity sector. Almost 50 percent of […]