Fann w Fenjen: Yasmine Darwiche

Interview and Foreword by: The Al Rawiya teamEdited by: Hani Daou Yasmine Darwiche is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Beirut. We came to appreciate Yasmine’s illustrations during the early days of the Lebanese Revolution in 2019 and have since fallen in love with her visual illustrative style. Her Arabian style is, to use […]

Preserving Beirut Through Dia Mrad’s Lens

Edited by: Jessica Doumit A qualified architect but photographer by profession, Dia Mrad has taken on a career animating Beirut’s old buildings. Using photography as a medium, Dia narrates an often overlooked aspect of Lebanon’s history through his photography, immortalizing Beirut’s heritage and putting its rich culture on display.  Following his high school graduation, the […]

In a Convex Mirror: An Exploration of Caramel and Its Proximity to Reality

Edited by: Yasmin Kassis Film is the mirror through which each society gazes at itself. Sometimes blurred, convex, or rose-tinted, the moving image can be a reflection of reality or an idealized subversion of it. Like all mirrors, their inherent value is dependent on the figure on the other side. Film, like other forms of […]

The Autumnal Eternal Melody

English Below  أغنية الأزل الخريفي  قصّتي مع فيروز هي قصة طفولةٍ منسيةٍ على ازدحام سيارات الصباح الباكر, حين كنّا نتّجه نحو المدرسة. كنا  نسلك طريق عوكر- أنطلياس يوميًّا، و والدي يقود السيارة مستمعًا إلى الراديو الوطني الذي يبدأ برنامجه بأغاني فيروز الصباحية. لم أكن بوقتها مقدّرةً لنوعية الموسيقى ولا الكلمات و لا الألحان. بالرّغم من […]

Fann w Fenjen: Carlo Kassabian and Badih Ghanem

Foreword Having moved to Paris in August, I was excited to discover the art and design scene that the city is so well-known for. Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across an acquaintance’s story which immediately caught my attention. It had a picture of a flier in it with BEY-PAR-BEY, and within 5 minutes, […]

Five Queer Lebanese Artists You Should Be Following

Pride month may have ended (in some countries), but your celebration of LGBTQIA2S+ Lebanese artists shouldn’t. We curated this list to share with you some of our favorite Lebanese artists who are part of the queer community and hope you will appreciate their diverse styles as much as we do. Links to buy their art […]

Hamza Mekdad: Redefining Interdisciplinary Art

Breathing life into static imagery, interdisciplinary artist Hamza Mekdad creates engaging 2D illustrations and animations by combining minimalism with strategic coloring, kinetic typography, line art, symbolism, and sound. Communicating concise messages through visual storytelling, he touches on personal and universal themes associated with the mental, social, political, and historical subject matter. Mekdad’s creative power lies in his […]

A City Draped in White

Saints are quiet in their mountaintops, Trees are hardened ash, Buildings have lost their colors, Shrapnel rests in the garden, Flags remain hoisted high, on steel poles made of bullets that struck down martyrs. Droplets of debris, Falling out of the hands of charity, Have silenced the streets. Friends have lost papers Friends are looking […]

Dear Nostalgia: Adra Kandil’s Visual Letters to a Place That Never Was

Embodying a hybrid world of alternate realities, Lebanese visual artist, Adra Kandil (aka “Dear Nostalgia” online), uses photography, collages, typography, and digital montages to blend modern-day truths with the romanticism of collective nostalgia. As a post-war child with a desire to experience Lebanon’s ”Golden Age”, the multi-disciplinarian draws on personal storylines and relevant cultural references to blur […]