Zeid Hamdan: the Power of Music in Love & Politics

Credits: Zeid Hamdan playing his guitar – Photo Courtesy of Sachyn Mital   Foreword: I met Zeid Hamdan by pure coincidence as I was volunteering at a French music festival in Paris. Looking at the line-up, I noticed a Middle Eastern duo called Bedouin Burger and  after researching them, discovered that the musician Zeid Hamdan, was […]

The Three Stooges – Escapism, Hedonism, and the Lebanese Nightlife

Credits: Light shining on  rock formations during Resonate by The  Ballroom Blitz, The first 2 day solo outdoor festival. Feytroun, Lebanon, 2022. Photo Courtesy of Stephani Moukhaiber.     Feytroun, Lebanon, Summer 2022. Somewhere in between the region’s most amazing rock formations with mere hours separating us from sunrise, an arm extended itself over the […]

Rasha Hamade: Two Years With Grief

“Since August 4th, 2020, 6:07 pm, no survivor of the Beirut blastperceives life the same way they did before. I find it therapeutic to create and live this continuous grief next to others who share similar yet contrasting experiences. I gathered the experiences of survivors living in Lebanon or part of the diaspora and channeled […]

The Autumnal Eternal Melody

English Below  أغنية الأزل الخريفي  قصّتي مع فيروز هي قصة طفولةٍ منسيةٍ على ازدحام سيارات الصباح الباكر, حين كنّا نتّجه نحو المدرسة. كنا  نسلك طريق عوكر- أنطلياس يوميًّا، و والدي يقود السيارة مستمعًا إلى الراديو الوطني الذي يبدأ برنامجه بأغاني فيروز الصباحية. لم أكن بوقتها مقدّرةً لنوعية الموسيقى ولا الكلمات و لا الألحان. بالرّغم من […]

Fann w Fenjen: Carlo Kassabian and Badih Ghanem

Foreword: Having moved to Paris in August, I was excited to discover the art and design scene that the city is so well-known for. Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across an acquaintance’s story which immediately caught my attention. It had a picture of a flier in it with BEY-PAR-BEY, and within 5 minutes, […]

Five Queer Lebanese Artists You Should Be Following

Pride month may have ended (in some countries), but your celebration of LGBTQIA2S+ Lebanese artists shouldn’t. We curated this list to share with you some of our favorite Lebanese artists who are part of the queer community and hope you will appreciate their diverse styles as much as we do. Links to buy their art […]