What Role Will Cryptocurrency Play in Lebanon’s Economic Crisis?

Imagine yourself in a dense city with the remnants of an ongoing crisis present at every turn. Your employer pays you in local banknotes which have been rendered virtually worthless due to severe hyperinflation. You find ways to make ends meet thanks to the subsidies bestowed to select supermarket goods, however with subsidy policies changing […]

What The Tech is Going On with Lebanese Startups?

Technology has evolved from a mere tool or product that performs a certain task to a service that is reshaping the way we communicate, work, and live. Leading companies on the global stage continue to make this increasingly evident. DeepMind, an organization within Google that focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI), developed the AlphaGo deep learning […]

Lockdown Lifestyle: Staying Connected in the Homeland

Set up your workspace: Designate an area at home where you can get tasks done with minimal distractions, preferably with access to sunlight. This will help you establish a work routine. Internet connection: Ensure you have the right service for your internet access needs. A VPN subscription could also improve your workflow, providing perks like […]