Joze Piranian

JOZE PIRANIAN Story of an inspiring Lebanese speaker and stand-up comedian Born and raised in Lebanon, I look back at my days there fondly. However, when I think about my school years, I also recall how much I was afraid of being judged by others because of my stuttering – of someone looking at me […]

Dania Bdeir

DANIA BDEIR Story of a filmmaker inspired by Lebanon, its people and their stories My parents are Syrian but I grew up in Lebanon. As a child, I would spend hours in front of the TV, taking in the moving pictures and dreaming of being a part of them one day as an actress. On […]


Saliah My mother is Lebanese and my dad is British but I was born in Kuwait, so I’ve had quite a few cultural experiences. Despite spending my childhood years in Kuwait, I experienced Lebanese culture through its customs and traditions that my mother’s family never lost touch with after their emigration. Arabic music became a […]

Jackson Allers

JACKSON ALLERS I’m an Armenian-American filmmaker, podcast producer, and writer. I’m also a DJ and music journalist. One of the podcasts I’m currently producing started in Beirut in 2021 with host and creator Angela Brussel, called “This Diaspora Life”. Its first season is about the Armenian diaspora, so Beirut was a natural starting point because […]