Zeid Hamdan: the Power of Music in Love & Politics

Credits: Zeid Hamdan playing his guitar – Photo Courtesy of Sachyn Mital   Foreword: I met Zeid Hamdan by pure coincidence as I was volunteering at a French music festival in Paris. Looking at the line-up, I noticed a Middle Eastern duo called Bedouin Burger and  after researching them, discovered that the musician Zeid Hamdan, was […]

Fann w Fenjen: Ivan Debs

Fann w Fenjen = Art and Coffee 😉 Can you introduce yourself?  My name is Ivan Debs, I’m 28 years old, I’m an independent illustrator/artist and I’ve been working in the art field and in everything around it – animation, political drawings, newspaper, books and the music industry for about seven years. I was born […]