Sandra Succar

SANDRA SUCCAR Pursuing Dreams through the MMA Octagon At 24, I’ve journeyed from the confines of a basement to the electrifying octagon of MMA arenas, carving a path that led me to becoming the reigning MMA Asia and world champion. It’s been a wild ride that has taught me invaluable lessons in fortitude, strength, resilience, […]

Ziad Abi Chaker

APRIL CENTRONEPioneering Sustainable Solutions: The Story of an Environmental Engineer in Lebanon As an environmental and industrial engineer (@ziad_abichaker), my passion for waste management and sustainability was ignited during my second year at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Even as a young student, I was determined to find ways to tackle the waste problem and […]

April Centrone

APRIL CENTRONELove for Percussion Leading to Arabic Music and Co-Founding an Orchestra Drawn to the drums, April Centrone (@aprilcentrone) started music when she was just eight or nine years old, playing drums in the different bands school offered, such as orchestra, jazz band, theater pit band and marching band. The rhythmic beats matched her energetic […]

Marilyne Naaman

MARILYNE NAAMAN Discovering oneself through unexpected events: From a Lebanese movie to The Voice France My heart has always been my compass, leading me to arts that I consider being far beyond mere hobbies. My singing talent was noticed by my theater instructor, who encouraged me to work on it. Excited about the idea, I […]

The Lebanese Women Weightlifting Team

Alexa Mina & Mahassen Hala Fattouh American-Lebanese represent their heartland Lebanon in weightlifting Being born and raised in the USA but having Lebanese heritage, Alexa Mina (@alexaminacolwell) and Mahassen Hala Fattouh (@mahassenhala) made the decision to represent Lebanon in weightlifting, a sport that has gained a significant rise in popularity in recent years. Inspired to […]

DJ Aban

DJ ABANFrom Syria to Paris, Embracing Music and Culture I am a DJ (@dj.aban), shaped by a journey that took me from my homeland Syria to Kuwait, Jordan, and now Paris, after the war in my country. My music career began with playing drums igniting a passion that led me to explore different genres. Yet, […]

Youmna Hammoud

YOUMNA HAMMOUD Authentic Tourism: From Passion to Purpose It’s after a conversation with my now business partner, Sassine Mazraani, that everything started for Toureef ( / Instagram). He came to visit Lebanon and I was his guide through all the authentic places of the country. That’s when the idea to create a platform that everyone […]

Nader Akoum

NADER AKOUM Between Architectural Vision & the Sociopolitical Agency Although I have dedicated my entire academic journey to architecture-related fields, from Bachelor to Master to Postgraduate, civil society issues have consistently captured my interest and involvement, particularly youth and socio-politics. Despite not being born into a political sphere, and my father may have encouraged me […]

Nadim Salloum

NADIM SALLOUM Story of a resilient Lebanese boxer My name is Nadim Salloum, and I am proud to be the first Lebanese professional boxer. Like many kids, I started as a way to shed some pounds and enjoy myself, but it soon turned into something bigger and became a passion. In 2011, when I was […]


BEATLALIPOS A Journey of Self-Expression through HipHop Self-taught music producer, rapper, and DJ, my stage name is known as Beatlalipos. This nickname holds a special meaning for me as it was given to me by a friend before my music career started. When I ventured into the field, the name was already ingrained in my […]