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We all need somewhere we can go to get lost in  our imagination, thoughts and ourselves. Listen when you’re feeling a sense of daze and longing to escape and let the music take you on an adventure.

Credits: Zeid Hamdan playing his guitar – Photo Courtesy of Sachyn Mital   Foreword: I met Zeid Hamdan by pure coincidence as I was volunteering at …

Credits: Light shining on  rock formations during Resonate by The  Ballroom Blitz, The first 2 day solo outdoor festival. Feytroun, Lebanon, 2022. Photo Courtesy of …

“Since August 4th, 2020, 6:07 pm, no survivor of the Beirut blastperceives life the same way they did before. I find it therapeutic to create …



The Roadmap to an Independent Judiciary

The October 17 revolution sparked an awakening in the judicial landscape. After an initial indifference towards the judiciary, there was a common perception during the


Fann w Fenjen: Ivan Debs

Fann w Fenjen = Art and Coffee 😉 Can you introduce yourself?  My name is Ivan Debs, I’m 28 years old, I’m an independent illustrator/artist

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